Salokuva - Pictures between heaven and earth.

Salokuva provides high quality aerial media services with a small remote controlled helicopter. Equipment fits in a normal car and is ready for action in just few minutes after arriving to target.

We're flying high

Material we produce can be used for example in advertising, tv productions, music videos or pressed media. Or why not take a picture of your summer cottage and make a big poster to your wall!

New angle of view

Aerial photography gives you new perspective even with familiar objects. Freely moving camera in video gives you better understanding of environment in all three dimensions comparing to video camera on a tripod or dolly. You can get professional tracking shots with reasonable budget. It is also possible to shoot indoors.

All inclusive video services

We also film videos with traditional methods, without a copter. Best results are accomplished by mixing videos filmed with different techniques. We offer all inclusive video productions, which means that we can take care of planning, filming, editing, color grading and all other nesessary steps for final product. 040 414 7004